Purchase and Sale

Trade, or the exchange in the form of the purchase and / or sale of consumer goods and services, is the primary activity on which Genta Srl has been founded since the seventies.

The main sector in which Genta operates is the trade of presses for steel processing, although our interests are many in the industrial sector:

  • Purchase of factories in liquidation or bankrupt
  • Purchase / sale on behalf of third parties of presses and machines
  • Storage / consignment of presses and machines, on behalf of third parties
  • Revamping and overhaul of presses
  • Disassembly-assembly-transport and shipping
  • Rental and sale of industrial buildings
Genta - Purchase and Sale
Genta - Purchase and Sale
Contact us if you are looking for a buyer for your machines, your systems or if you are interested in one of the activities described above.